After a month of work, “MAGIC IS REAL!” is finally complete!  At 11,000 square feet it’s the largest project CYRCLE has ever taken on, and we want to thank Bedrock LA for allowing us to take on their canvas.  We also want to thank Daniel Lahoda of Lala Arts and LA Freewalls for all the help.  And, Blue Rooster came through with homie discounts on paint and supplies- support your local art store! Last night we uploaded a ton of photos taken by theonepointeight to our website so you can take it in from all perspectives, but the best way to see the piece is in person.  If you’d like to stop by Bedrock LA their address is 1623 Allesandro- in Echo Park near where Glendale and Alvarado intersect.

“MAGIC IS REAL!” is the first example of the look CYRCLE will be utilizing in their upcoming show, ORGANIZED CHAOS. We will share more details soon, but plan on seeing that work in early November.