“Beautiful Disaster” LE Print AVAILABLE TODAY!

We are happy to announce that we are releasing a limited edition print with Poster Child Prints that is available today (8/23/12), at 11:30 am PST.   Below you can see the finished print,… Continue reading

CYRCLE Instagram

Resident photographer and part time crack head, Rabi, uses the freshest filters on Instagram.  “Rise” anyone…? Some of what he’s been posting recently… XO, @CYRLCE #crowbar #deaddeer #jrparis #hongkong #hashtag #idiots

Support our Troops

These are the Veterans. Pretty sweet! -Thrasher Doug

Collaboration with Simon Birch

When CYRCLE was in Hong Kong for their Daydreaming show they had the opportunity to get to know and work with artist, and co curator (of Daydreaming), Simon Birch.  Simon and his crew… Continue reading


This is what happens when we get BOARD! Check out the latest tom foolery at “theDougLife8” on Youtube… GETSOME!!! -The DOUGS

Lazzzer Goes Coconuts

Lazzzer is back from touring Africa with new fresh beats. He introduced us to his favorite new iPhone app- AutoRap– that he uses on the road. After listening to five of Lazzzer’s recordings… Continue reading

A Hong Kong Chronicle

We finally found time to edit together a video of the trip we made to Hong Kong  in early May for Daydreaming With: The Hong Kong Edition.  The city was amazing and we… Continue reading

Streets: “Beautiful Disaster” @ The Roxy

Right before last week’s 4th of July celebration, we finished our latest mural, “Beautiful Disaster.” It is a continuation of our “Cut It Out” Campaign. This latest project, which took place at the… Continue reading

Art Perspective: L.A. Murals

David Alfaro Siquieros, one of the great muralists of the early 20th century, left his mark in Los Angeles in 1932 when he painted one of the most important murals this city has… Continue reading

Analyze That! – TOOTHPASTE

This week on “Analyze That” we look into the making of a product that we hope you all use everyday…TOOTHPASTE! Have you ever wondered where that stuff comes from, heres the answer to… Continue reading

We be all up on viddy yo!!

; Welcome to VIDDY, 15 seconds of whateverz eh. Its basically instagram with videos. With the multitasking short attention spans of today’s modern half cyborg half human Google generation these clips are sure… Continue reading

Artwork on Display…

We have two pieces on display at the Maximillian Gallery for their Summer in the Street exhibition.  Our newest piece, Life Is Alchemy, will be on display, along with the limited edition Chaos/Order… Continue reading

Hats Off: Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez has been documenting the L.A. arts scene for the past year, and has photographed some of the biggest names that have come through our city, including JR, Retna, and Chinese contemporary… Continue reading

“SUMMER” is here!

We just finished our third installment in our evolving mural for LA FREEWALLS– “Summer.” Here are a few final shots, process shots and a full coverage post will be up soon. You can… Continue reading

Print Making 101

Here we have a behind the scenes look at the print making process for our Manifesto print. We take you from start to end, step by step…