A profile of CYRCLE., the story behind ORGANIZED CHAOS!

This week OTHERS by Hypebeast will be featuring a short documentary which delves into the creative journey that preceded our most recent solo show, “ORGANIZED CHAOS!”  For those unfamiliar, OTHERS is an online video segment presented on Hypebeast by i am OTHER, created by Pharrell Williams, that aims at highlighting noteworthy artists, musicians, designers, and masters of self-expression.  We are honored to be receiving their recognition in their latest installment.

This video gives insight into the the inspirations, philosophies, and motivations that molded “ORGANIZED CHAOS!”  and our deepest thanks go out to everyone who contributed to its creation; theonepointeight, Coleen Hanynes and Black Dog Films, Fatima Robinson, Rhea Scott, Hunter Leggitt Studios, Mike Russek and 1028 Designs, James Lavelle AKA UNKLE, and all those who continually provide their support and encouragement.

Check it out here.

Organized Chaos on OTHERS