Art Perspective: L.A. Murals

David Alfaro Siquieros, one of the great muralists of the early 20th century, left his mark in Los Angeles in 1932 when he painted one of the most important murals this city has ever seen. Named America Tropical, this public artwork is an important historical landmark- a clear example of art driven by a social intent. As public art in Los Angeles evolves, and the argument over advertising versus art continues in City Hall, it’s refreshing and inspiring to take a look back at Siquieros’s work.  Unburdened by political red tape or the need for corporate sponsorship, his message and creativity are the sole motivators of his work. This is all too uncommon in Los Angeles, and we hope to see a return to this freedom in the future.

(Photo: Courtesy of Glenna and Jesse Avila)

(Photo: Courtesy of Tessie Borden)