In Focus: Toby Dye

Over the last decade, acclaimed documentary and music video filmmaker Toby Dye has managed to create a unique style which often unveils the complicated and at times troubling lives of ordinary citizens. This theme seems to be a running thread across his films and music videos in that his camera captures the hidden personalities not seen in the public eye. Among some of the artists he’s collaborated in the music world include Massive Attack and James Lavelle. This collaboration with the latter became a music video for the song titled “Another Night Out”, taken from Lavelle’s 2010 album “Where Did The Night Fall”. Here, we get a glimpse into the life of an aging boxer preparing for the grittiness and violence of a boxing match. Produced by RSA Films and Black Dog Films, this music video is a good representation of Dye’s overall style and it also serves as a good introduction to one of today’s most interesting filmmakers. So, check out this video below and hope you’re just as impressed by this short film as we are.

– Doug