CYRCLE. x Crosses †††

CYRCLE. jumped on the chance to collaborate with Crosses ††† on a limited edition poster they wanted for their first tour.  We’ve always really respected Chino and the Deftones (as they inspired literally every rock band of our generation), and it was exciting to work with someone we’ve looked up to for so long.

Available at their first four shows…

CYRCLE. x Crosses †††

Chino Moreno

Chino Moreno (of Deftones, Team Sleep, Crosses †††) killed the set, amazing show.

CYRCLE. x Crosses †††

Chuck Doom CYRCLE. x Crosses †††

The man, Chuck Doom! All around good vibes, and one great musician.

Chino Moreno CYRCLE. x Crosses †††

The crew with Chino.

Shaun Lopez CYRCLE. x Crosses †††

Shaun Lopez, guitarist from Far, and one bad ass producer.  It’s always refreshing to meet humble, talented, good people.

Chino Moreno

Last but not least, we’d like to give a big shout out to Chris Robyn, Dino Campanella, and Jono Evans, the other gentlemen who performed with Crosses after only a few practices.

Viddy: CYRCLE.x Crosses †††

We put together a quick video with some of our footage from the night, which you can see here. Thanks for the inspiration!

– Dougtones