CYRCLE. Helps Occupy

It was an honor when we were recently approached by Occupy LA to help create a look for the protests that are going on in DTLA, and throughout the world. The people behind this movement are hard working, and they are putting their hearts and souls into this. They are people who we can believe in– people who use their time off to help make the world a better place. They are the 99%, and so are we.

It has been an exciting and beautiful thing to see the artwork that other artists are creating because they’ve been inspired by the Occupy movement. Any successful movement throughout history had great art to back it. Imagery and music have always played a huge part in helping a movement move. CYRCLE is not politically motivated. We believe in what is real, positive, and unknown. This movement is real, positive, and the outcome is unknown, which to us means the result is in all of our hands–those who really want a better future, and a better now.

To download the Official Occupy posters click on the images below…..ORGANIZE!

Going out last Saturday and seeing the spectrum of people who were marching reconfirmed our belief that this movement is not for the left or the right, or even for America specifically, but rather for all people living throughout the globe.  Below are some of the photos we took while we were out, and if you’d like to check out a video of the march there’s a good on YouTube, here.

Go out, speak up!