Gosha’s “Cluster Mess” Opens this Saturday

For  a few of the pieces in WE NEVER DIE! we collaborated with three great artists- David Flores, Random Act, and Gosha.  All of the collaborative pieces are amazing, and we want to thank all three of them for their hard work.

Opens this Saturday (9/3) at Hold Up Art, 358 E. 2nd Street, 90012

Because CYRCLE. works in wood the majority of the time Gosha used oils and acrylics on the collborative piece, but generally he works with watercolors.  In fact, he has his own set of BLOCKX watercolors.  The only other artist who has their own line of BLOCKX watercolors is Rembrant, pretty good company.   If you want to see over 20 new Gosha originals, along with a few limited giclee prints you should cruise to his solo show that opens this Saturday at 7pm.  We love it, and hope you do too.

-Sir Douglas