Maximillian Gallery @ The Sunset Marquise Curated by “Melrose & Fairfax”

Maximillian Gallery Presents “What Graffiti is to New York – Street Art is to Los Angeles” Featuring The Top Los Angeles Street Artists Curated By Melrose and Fairfax Featuring: Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, SmogCity, Bankrupt Slut, DeeKay, Bod Bod, 2wenty, Snyder, Gregory Siff, KH no. 7, Smear, Desire Obtain Cherish, CYRCLE. & DD$, Leba, and Homo Riot OPENING RECEPTION: SATURDAY MAY 28, 2011 6PM – 9PM Exhibition: May 28 – June 30, 2011 Every Day, 1PM – 8PM, and by appointment (Closed Mondays) Maximillian Gallery is pleased to present “What Graffiti is to New York – Street Art is to Los Angeles,” an exhibition curated by Melrose and Fairfax, featuring the top Los Angeles Street Artists – a dream team line up of the best street artists in Los Angeles and the world.  The show features not only the best artists but the juiciest stories, including everything from a 9-year old street artist, to a porn star street artist, and ranges from an artist who had a flattering interview with Forbes, to a street artist featured on national news for being arrested. Through these artists’ vision, we discover and gain a rare insiders’ look into the very heart of what is happening on the streets today. The show presents original, cutting edge artworks from each of the artists, exclusive never-before-seen action photos from Melrose and Fairfax, unique sticker packs, and Limited Edition Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis embossed prints. Read more about the Artists in this Exhibition.