Hi-Graff Art installation at HOLD UP ART

“Hi-Graff” An installation-based street art exhibition that explores the concept of Graffiti as a contemporary art movement

The exhibition, which opens on May 7th 7-11pm, showcases graffiti in its most original form –collaborative murals applied directly to walls. Though LA has seen hundreds of street art exhibitions in the past decade, there has always existed a growing disconn…ect between the artwork shown in the gallery shows and what these street artists produce on the streets. “Forcing a street artist to produce canvas or panel works as the only way of showcasing in a fine art gallery seriously compromises the authenticity of the work, and direction these artists are taking. We wanted to open up our walls to these artists so the final product will closely mimic the actual art production of these artists on the streets, in an in-door environment” (Curator Lee). The exhibition will also allow the audience to truly understand and juxtapose where their talents and aesthetic differences lie. For “Hi-Graff”, Hold Up Art has brought together a collection of street artists to produce 10 separate collaborative murals highlighting unique trends and styles in Graffiti.

Contributing Artists

• Vyal
• Slick
• Defer
• Risk
• Chor Boogie
• Cryptik
• Rick Ordoñez
• Axis
• Codak
• Spurn
• Alec Monopoly
• Augor
• Zes
• James Haunt
• Andy Rios
• Cyrcle
• Teal
•Chad Muska

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